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Sunday Best – August 23, 2020 (plus summer book list!)

Like many of us, I’ve been chipping away at some household projects lately, though not the ones I’d imagined. The closets are still a mess and there are still some dust bunnies under the beds, but last week I stepped on a small paving stone and realized that an entire walkway had disappeared under fringes […]

Sunday Best – August 25, 2019

  On rest. Rest is the conversation between what we love to do and how we love to be.                                – David Whyte I saw my first red and gold leaves this week, even as the tomatoes are still leaping off […]

Sunday Best – July 15, 2018

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.            – John Donne If you are like me, one of your new-century habits over morning coffee is to scroll through photos that your friends and family post on line. This time of year it feels like an stream of terrific postcards, the images full […]

Honeybee Capital Transformation #6: From Static to Dynamic

Dear Honeybees, As we transition into a new season, I’m happy to present the finale of our second graphic blog series, which illustrates the six transformations of finance that form the core of The Nature of Investing. These ideas have emerged from the six sets of principles of biomimicry – the natural guides to life […]

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