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Sunday Best – September 2, 2018

I’ve been spending time with Robin Wall Kimmerer and Jaron Lanier this weekend – with their books, I mean, not the people (though really maybe that is a meaningless distinction). Lanier writes with the soul of a poet about the glorious potential of technology, and how it differs from our current deployments. Kimmerer writes about […]

Sunday Best – July 15, 2018

More than kisses, letters mingle souls.            – John Donne If you are like me, one of your new-century habits over morning coffee is to scroll through photos that your friends and family post on line. This time of year it feels like an stream of terrific postcards, the images full […]

Finance Friday – June 17, 2016

90%.  64%.  12%. Or, why you can’t seem to reach your boss/kids/neighbors/co-workers. Ninety percent of people born before 1944 prefer the telephone for communication, and sixty-four percent of boomers.  Just twelve percent of people born after 1981 choose the phone – dead last, after web chat, social media, text, and email.  In other words, if […]

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