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Sunday Best – June 17, 2018

  “It takes courage… We have to choose between risk and risk.”        – Brother David Steindl-Rast   Whether in investing or life, we like to pretend that risk comes with a choice. And it does, kind of. But it’s not a choice of whether, it’s a choice of type. Brother David elaborates: […]

Finance Friday – December 16, 2016

$5 trillion. Total assets of committed to fossil fuel divestment now top $5 trillion – double last year’s level. (Yes, that’s total AUM, not the amount divested, but a wise person once told me that a trillion is a lot, and double means it’s growing fast). If the only greenies you know are Leonardo DiCaprio and your cousin […]

Honeybee Capital Transformation #5: From Mechanical to Mindful

Dear Honeybees, I’m happy to present our graphic blog series, featuring the six transformations of finance that form the core of The Nature of Investing. These ideas have emerged from the six sets of principles of biomimicry – the natural guides to life itself. When taken together, these six evolutions illuminate a path towards investing […]

Want to Improve Risk Management? Look to Nature.

Hello Honeybees! This week’s mini-video (the final one in our current series) discusses the application of biomimicry principles to investing, and how natural systems can illuminate risks and opportunities that will never show up in our fancy spreadsheets (helpful as those spreadsheets may be).

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