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Sunday Best – June 21, 2020

This month I’d planned to gather with dear college friends for our reunion – which, of course, was not meant to be. Nonetheless, I’ve been in a nostalgic mood, with odd scraps of conversations and small flashback movie reels coming back to me. One classroom moment popped up the other day, as I was listening […]

Sunday Best – September 25, 2016

  Listening is an act of love.      – Dave Isay Autumn is always a busy season, full of outward-facing activity.  Business conferences, publications, media reports…. just. so. much. talking. My own schedule turns towards talking in the fall too – it’s the time for speaking engagements and research reports and all sorts of […]

Moderates Of The World, Unite! – dispatch from The Nantucket Project

This weekend I was delighted to attend The Nantucket Project, built around the theme “Seek the Truth – Endure the Consequences”. When we think of Truth, it’s often with a capital T, as something that is indisputable – and so it was pleasantly surprising to find much of the conversation focused on nuance and subtlety. […]

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