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Sunday Best – March 1, 2020

This week I spoke with a reporter about women in finance, and especially about women in sustainable investing. I talked about the skills that are needed to translate across settings, and the opportunities that come about in emerging fields. This was all accurate, but not especially poetic. I should have talked about salt marshes and […]

Sunday Best – February 17, 2019

Purl two? Many of you have likely seen Purl, the new short film by Pixar about a ball of yarn who is the lone “other” working at BRO Capital. The story follows Purl as she adapts to fit in with her colleagues, doing everything she can to be less Purl and more Bro. Then one […]

Sunday Best – April 15, 2018

“If you want real belonging, you might have to give up your perfect lawn.”   I’ve been part of several conversations on diversity lately; we are finally getting past the box-checking phase, and on to something more interesting and beneficial. Phase 1 is assembly – bringing together diverse components. Phase 2 is inclusion – putting […]

Sunday Best – March 25, 2018

“When we reject the single story, we regain a kind of paradise.” –  Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie   This week was a wonderful jumble of tactical questions, scientific exploration, and philosophical reflection… pretty much a perfect week. It was a week of Big Questions. Is this portfolio reflecting the great variety of investment opportunity we see? […]

Honeybee Capital Transformation #5: From Mechanical to Mindful

Dear Honeybees, I’m happy to present our graphic blog series, featuring the six transformations of finance that form the core of The Nature of Investing. These ideas have emerged from the six sets of principles of biomimicry – the natural guides to life itself. When taken together, these six evolutions illuminate a path towards investing […]

SoCap Recap

The SoCap conference is arguably the highest-energy gathering of the year for anyone interested in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, engaged philanthropy… any elements of the “good economy”.  I’ve attended for about five years and must admit that at first, I found the very idea of SoCap daunting:  the audience was so broad, the agenda was […]

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