Sunday Best – June 23, 2024

Sometimes it’s the big news that makes a week great – like ohhh, I don’t know, maybe your amazing hometown team wins a stupendous championship that unites the whole city in joy!

Other times, the tiniest moments matter.

I was coming out of the train station the other day and the man ahead of me was a little unsure of himself, wheeling a big suitcase awkwardly through the doorway. A person coming the other way barreled right through, shoving into my fellow passenger with a sneering comment. 

Meanwhile, when it was my turn to exit, the person facing me looked up, gave a huge smile, stepped aside, and said, come on through! What a gracious human thing to do. Just five seconds of kindness, and yet days later it still makes me smile to think of this friendly courtesy.

Small and yet big.

Of course, giant productions like a duck boat parade with confetti and dancing in the streets can also be pretty neat.

Dear ones, let’s savor all the joys,

Micro to mega.

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