Sunday Best – December 31, 2023 (with book list!)

I woke up disoriented earlier this week, in a strange hotel room in the midst of holiday travels. Out of sorts, I gazed out the window at a not-so-inspiring view that included a chain link fence, a drainage area, and the beginnings of a brand new condo development.

Then I looked up.

After days of clouds, the last full moon of the year was beaming forth, despite my waking way past sunrise.

As I took a deep breath, out of nowhere, a deer bounded across the fenced-off area, legs bounding and tail flashing, impossibly exuberant.

Dear ones, some years are all rainbows and ocean views, and others seem to be nothing but drainage ditches and chain link fences.

No matter what is in sight at first glance,

may we always remember to look up.



There are few things more restorative to me than curling up with a good book. With that in mind, I’m glad to share my latest Honeybee reading list, with all best wishes for the new year.

Honeybee Book List – Winter 2023

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