Sunday Best – December 24, 2023 (with book list!)

On my way to visit family this week, I saw a man shouting at the TSA agents, a family sprinting to the gate in their pajamas, and a person so anxious to fly that they embraced their companion’s arm like a boa constrictor for the entire flight.

It wasn’t until I was settled in my own seat, gazing out at the solstice sunrise, that I realized I’d been holding my breath too. Wrapping up the last work project, packing a ridiculously large suitcase of presents, waking for the dawn flight… even though these were happy preparations, they were not full of calm and ease. I do not think I thanked the check-in agent properly. I know for sure that I was mad about the too-long line for coffee, as if it were an orchestrated personal insult.

Dear ones, it is a season of joy, yes. And also, it can be hard, in tiny ways and profound ones.

May we cultivate care, for ourselves and for others.

May we demonstrate grace.

May we honor the stresses and sorrows.

May we revel in each moment of joy.


There are few things more restorative to me than curling up with a good book. With that in mind, I’m glad to share my end-of-year Honeybee book list, with all best wishes for the new year.




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