Sunday Best – September 17, 2023

Despite the pumpkin-spiced energy that’s surrounding us – or maybe because of it – I found myself overwhelmed this morning, just not up to the task. Not the tactical tasks of weeding and emails, not the more vital tasks of being a good sister or daughter or friend, not even the core human tasks of feeling feelings or thinking thoughts.

Somehow I found myself sifting through the junk drawer, which was decidedly Not A Task on my priority list. In just ten minutes, the broken garage clicker, mismatched screws and nails, and worn-out markers were all cleared away, and everything felt clean and organized and fit for purpose. 

Is the junk drawer a silly metaphor for my cluttered state of mind? Yes.

Is clearing it out a shallow substitute for taking agency over a non-controllable world? Also yes. 


It’s also an actual drawer, which is now better, giving me hope that bigger, harder issues can get better too. 

Dear ones, inspiration is not always rainbows or poetry or the laughter of a child. Sometimes it’s dusty batteries and rusted paperclips and a candle stub from three storms ago.

Friends, whatever frees us up,

whatever gives us hope,

let’s give thanks.

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