Sunday Best – July 9, 2023

How lucky we were in Boston that the skies miraculously cleared just before the big July 4 concert! As the cannons of the 1812 Overture, faded, we all turned skyward to greet the fireworks… only to realize that the fog had rolled in fast and low, leaving just a little sliver of sparkly viewing. A lovely evening, yet a little dimmed.

On the other hand, the very night before, I was greeted by not one but two little fawns! A totally unexpected delight.

Dear ones, we never know what’s around the bend. Life’s most anticipated moments might fall a little flat, while any old Tuesday might turn out to be extraordinary.

In this world of unknowing, may our storms be short lived. 

May our celebrations be many.

May our surprises be joyful.

May those joys be doubled.

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