Sunday Best – June 4, 2023

Sometimes a tiny moment tells you all you need to know. 

Recently I’ve spent a lot of time analyzing a flurry of business transactions, and as always there have been important insights to gain from reading footnotes and compiling financial models and comparing notes on strategy.

In a sea of dealmaking, two examples stand out. One CEO showed up for a series of long meetings, where I expected them to give a rousing intro and then disappear. Instead, they stayed the whole time – front row, phone down. 

The second CEO paused mid-conversation with another Very Important Person to thank someone who had brought them a drink – by name.

These actions illuminated more than all of my models put together.

They reminded me of the power of presence.

Friends, when something really matters, let’s be sure to tend to all the details that will make things hum.

But even more than that, let’s show up.

Not just in person, 

but present.




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