Sunday Best – April 23, 2023

My work includes a focus on climate solutions, which means I’m sometimes immersed in technocratic debates that seem removed from the world we actually inhabit. Other conversations center entirely on risks and suffering, offering loop-de-loops of endless anxiety.

Regardless of professional setting, these two extremes are familiar to most of us these days.

All brain can be numbing and detached.

All heart can be painful and paralyzing.

Thank goodness for artists, who can help us bridge between head and heart.

Here’s to the art of love and agency.

Here’s to the art of witness and grace.

Here’s to the art of thinking and feeling.

Here’s to the art that restores our souls.

This week I was delighted to learn more about the work of Liana Finck, who can distill the broadest angst  or the deepest joy into a single image. Liana’s work includes an amazing book where she imagines the all-powerful God of Genesis as a somewhat awkward and self-questioning woman. 

Website with links to Liana’s newsletter info, social media, and Patreon support:: Liana Finck

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