Sunday Best – October 23, 2022

This past week one of the greatest investors of our time, and one of my first investment mentors, passed away. He will long be known for his terrific stockpicking and “10 Commandments” of thoughtful investing, but the most important lesson I learned from him involved a simple triangle pasted to his desk.  The points were labeled H-W-T, for Health, Wealth, and Time.

After months of looking at the triangle upside-down when we met in his office, I finally got up the nerve to ask about it. He explained that it was a way to remind himself how rare it was to have all three of these dimensions of life at once, that each phase of life naturally is a little wobbly in one main area.

It was this kind of understanding that caused him to take an sabbatical to go hiking, when he seemed impossibly old and experienced to me, but was probably around 45. Coming at a time when people in my field would laugh out loud at the phrase “work-life balance,” this made a big impression.

Dear ones, if we have time, or health, or wealth, let’s give thanks.

If two, let’s celebrate.

And if we find ourselves with all three,

let’s rejoice.


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