Sunday Best – October 16, 2022




It’s true, mysteries are not necessarily miracles. Sometimes a heart-shaped cloud is just a cloud, not a message from beyond. A gorgeous flower in an unexpected place might have been transported by squirrels and not angels.

But the reverse is true, too. Have you ever really looked at a pine cone, or considered the circulation of air through your lungs, or seen one small child comfort another? There’s some awfulness in our world. But it is full of miracles too.

The leaves are turning in New England, and I have know that this is a perfectly explainable scientific phenomenon. But that does not detract one scintilla from the miracle.

In fact, it amplifies.

Dear friends, let’s look for spots where science reinforces spirit, and vice versa.

Miracles need not be mysteries.



This post is a rare repeat, inspired by seeing our own Month of Sundays on the shelf at the Omega Institute bookstore, just after a restorative tromp through the woods. Here’s to the comfort of dependable miracles,  through the joys and sorrows of our lives.

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