Sunday Best – August 7, 2022

I spent a delightful morning last week exploring a beach known for its agates, amazed by the beautiful rocks that were strewn along the shore at low tide. By the time I turned to leave, my pockets were sagging with the weight of tiny treasures I’d borrowed to examine more closely.

Imagine my dismay when I emptied those pockets just a few minutes later to find a pile of boring dusty gravel! My disappointment turned to cynicism as I concluded that the jewels that had been so captivating on the shore were just dull worthless stones after all.

Then it occurred to me that there had only been one small difference between wonder and let-down. I poured a little water on the rock pile, and instantly the gravel was transformed back to treasure.

Dear ones, when we are disappointed, we are so quick to reject all that surrounds us – ideas, decisions, friendships. What if our first inclination was not rejection, but restoration? What if we sought this kind of replenishment for ourselves as well? 

So many wonders in our world are just a little dusty, waiting for some water.

May we all find the polish that we need to shine.

May we offer the same to others in return.

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