Sunday Best – July 24, 2022

I’ve spent most of my life in the rolling hills of the eastern United States, so the wide open spaces of deserts and the soaring peaks of mountains always hit me hard, leaving me dizzy with difference. I feel like Alice in Wonderland in these places, simultaneously completely exposed and insignificantly small.

What a delight it is to recalibrate in this way! Struggling up a rocky path in hundred-degree sun, my deskbound work seems easy and luxurious. Gazing up at a glacier that scrapes the clouds, my worries appear puny and fleeting. As an added bonus, I’m surrounded by the mystical wisdom of trail advisories, with timeless advice like, “Don’t throw rocks from top.”

If we are lucky, our home spaces are happy cocoons, just the right fit and scale to support our lives. And if we are very fortunate indeed, once in a while we get to stretch across vast horizons, or shrink down to tiny specks, reorienting toward our deeper place in this glorious world.

Dear ones, whether deserts or mountains, oceans or meadows, ideas or poems, I wish for us all this chance – to re-root in wonder.


Friends, I am delighted to share the article I was invited to write for the Green Money Journal’s “Next 30 Years” issue, including a tribute to legendary Hazel Henderson. Here’s to the green shoots of hope, and the sparks of progress!

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