Sunday Best – June 12, 2022

Yesterday I introduced a new queen into a beehive. This is always a tricky affair – even if there’s no other queen around, and the hive is at risk of perishing, sometimes a new queen is greeted by an angry mob determined to kill her.

Luckily this queen was met more quietly, with a bunch of workers gently exploring around her. A crowd was gathering, but one set on curiosity, not conquering.

Dear ones, what might we be missing in our own lives?

What if we met its arrival with curiosity instead of fury?

We might be saving ourselves.



This theme, curiosity over conquering, is also vividly illustrated in a short sci-fi story I just read – To Be Taught, If Fortunate, by Becky Chambers. It is fascinating and tender and thought provoking, and will feature prominently in our upcoming summer book list! 



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