Sunday Best – February 13, 2022

Yesterday I saw three different people get cut off on the Mass Pike by aggressive drivers. I watched a show where the main character skipped out on a hotel bill costing thousands. I read a poem about the heartache of betrayal, the kind where feeling foolish hurts just as much as the deception itself.

There’s a lot written about the power of forgiveness, but these weekend incidents have me thinking of the power of apology. So what if the person ahead was driving too slow, or there really was an error with the credit card company, or the hurt person was originally the hurt-er? Staying righteous means staying angry, all the time. It has a huge cost. And probably, sometimes, each one of us is actually wrong.

Dear ones, there is so much pain in the world, some intended and some not, some fleeting and some so deep it might never be healed.

We can work on understanding, even when agreement is not possible. We can work on forgiveness, even when approval is not warranted.

And we can apologize, even when – especially when – some part of us still thinks we are justified.

Less righteous,

more right.

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