Sunday Best – December 12, 2021


That it will never come again
Is what makes life so sweet.
Believing what we don’t believe
Does not exhilarate.

That if it be, it be at best
An ablative estate —
This instigates an appetite
Precisely opposite.


Yesterday was Emily Dickinson’s birthday (thanks for the reminder, J), so I am sharing this favorite with you. It’s not her most mysterious or complex poem, just a matter of fact recognition.

The rainy days, the days the cookies are burned, the days of sorrow, the the days our knees are sore, the days of heartache, the days we have to clean out the garage…

all are precious, because they will not come again.

Dear ones, let’s savor the sweetness.



If you have not seen the quirky and awesome Dickinson on AppleTV, I highly recommend it!  The minute I saw Wiz Khalifa as Death I knew I’d watch every single episode.

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