Sunday Best – May 2, 2021

Happy May Day weekend, friends!

The past few years I’ve been noting the ancient Celtic calendar markers that fall in-between equinox and solstice. This weekend is Bealtaine, the peak of springtime, season of planting and renewal.

Without seeing a calendar, I know that the trillium must be blooming in the woods, because my grandma’s rhubarb has leafed out in the garden. I know that the bluebirds are nesting, because I just dragged the porch furniture out of the barn. I know that the beehives are packed full of pollen, because I’m a little dizzy myself. 

We cannot know a place – or a person – all at once, and never completely. But when we’re part of something, it layers in to our own being over time – partly conscious, and partly something more.

Knowing beyond knowledge.

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