Sunday Best – January 31, 2021

6We were preparing for an upcoming Divinity School dialogue this week (Tuesday February 2 – please join!) and the word “timshel” popped into my head. This word plays a key role in one of my favorite novels, East of Eden, where after long study it is determined that the meaning is not “thou shalt” but “thou mayest.”

Not a commandment, but an invitation.

The temperatures in Boston have been steadily dropping and with them there is a curling inward, a cocooning that is even deeper than usual this year. Of course, there have been days when my eyeballs hurt from screen time and my belly is over-full of pretzels, but the dark and frozen time is an invitation too.

What might be revealed by these combined invitations of timshel and winter? Each word, each leaf, each soul can contain the whole universe. 

If we are looking, what might we see?

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