Sunday Best – November 29, 2020

In this season of bounty and harvest and gratitude, I’ve been considering enough-ness, and how deep our fear of scarcity can run.

Made a pie for Thanksgiving? Why not two or three?

Earned an A-minus on an assignment? Why not an A-plus?

Ran a marathon? Why not an ultra-marathon?

Sometimes this kind of ambition is helpful – we can learn more, or develop more, or contribute more.

But often our sense of enough is really a sense of never-enough.

Dear ones, what we have – and what we are – it’s not just enough.

It’s plenty.



Friends, we have a Thanksgiving treat for you! If you have enjoyed the Month of Sundays book, and especially if you plan to buy gift copies for the holidays, we’ll be happy to send you a few beautiful letterpress bookmarks featuring images from the book. These lovely products have been handmade by the amazing Christa Alexandra Designs, the mastermind behind the stunning design and illustration of Month of Sundays.

Just go to the simple form on the Month of Sundays site and we’ll get them right to you! With thanks for all of your support, and for your sharing the book with others.

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