Sunday Best – September 20, 2020

A new season is arriving. I can tell because my favorite flannel shirt has emerged from the closet, the sunrise is too late to serve as an alarm clock, and the garden has gone from green to gold.

This week I was observing the sunflowers, as they fade from glory into a deeper beauty. Some spindly specimens sprouted up in too fast of a sprint, with no chance to build their own strength. On the other hand, some faced too much adversity, neglected or impeded at a key moment, and never really recovered. And within the strong lucky crop that made it through, still, there were huge differences. All were striking, but some were truly stunning, with blooms that went on and on.

Friends, we don’t get to control all of the conditions that affect our lives. Sometimes there is drought or shadow or a big mean bunny that constantly thwarts our progress. But we are fortunate to have examples all around us of people whose lives shine brighter and brighter over time. Whether quiet personal heroes or those known to many, the qualities are always the same.

Always, they have faced adversity.

Always, they have lasted.

Always, they have had some source of love and support.

And always, they have served something beyond themselves.

May we learn from our most stunning examples, whether in the garden or in the courtroom.

May we serve something beyond ourselves.





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