Sunday Best – August 16, 2020 – It’s finally here!

After a long cocooning, our Month of Sundays book is here! It can be purchased on Amazon right now (with the link above or here: ), and should be available on Indiebound and other services soon.

Many have asked about the name. “Month of Sundays” is an old-timey way to say a long time – like 30 Sundays. It’s something you’d say to someone you had not seen in a while, who you’d been missing. “Hey, it’s been a month of Sundays!”

In a weird quirk of fate, this week marks 30 weeks since the first coronavirus case in the United States.

Friends, it’s been a month of Sundays. You are missed.

As you all know, this project has been a labor of love, and has provided a creative outlet for all of the energy and challenges that these last months have brought. It was a wonderful reminder that collaboration can bring immense joys, and I am grateful to have partnered with the terrifically talented Christa Alexandra Designs and Shalon Ironroad on its creation.

The book is offered in the hope that it might bring connection, comfort, and courage. All profits from this publication will be dedicated to support of organizations that provide essential wisdom and service, addressing some of our greatest needs.

Primary beneficiaries of this giving will include:

Through this circulating financial model, we aim to illustrate the spirit of generosity and relationship that has made this publication possible. By reinvesting in these root-level capacities, your engagement and support will extend outward into the world, producing all sorts of ongoing benefit.

Thank you for being part of this generative spiral.

And stay tuned next week for our Summer Book List!

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