Sunday Best – July 19, 2020


I’ve never been a real “TGIF” kind of person, but lately, I’ve been looking forward to Fridays, and it’s not because the weekend is full of fun social plans. Maybe it’s because the days have been so blurry and Friday brings a chance to mark some form of progress. Maybe it’s just because Friday brings a lull in endless video calls.

Truth be told, even the weekends have brought lots of screen time lately. It is easier to binge watch a new series than to wrangle with reality. So I’ve been trying to add a little more real-world ritual to mark the close of the week, one of which is Friday sweeping. (Yes, some people sweep the front porch every day. These people are not me.)

This week, as the broom swooshed, a flash of orange caught my eye. It turned out to be the most amazing little moth I’ve ever seen. Moths are usually not admired creatures – they are the fuzzy flapping cousins to the graceful floating butterflies. But look at this one! She has both classic colors and bold. She has both stripes and polka dots, one shaped like a heart. Her body is even patterned to match her wings. She is a little flying miracle.

Friends, even on the sunny days, this is a tender time, in big ways and small. It’s tempting to blur our vision, to just get by.

Let’s try to stay here.

Let’s sweep the porch.

Let’s follow the small flashes of color.

Let’s see what’s before us, the pain and the beauty both.


    * If you or someone you know is a graduate of any school of Harvard University, please vote in the current elections ! I am honored to be nominated for the Board of Overseers, and grateful for your consideration.

    * Our proof copies finally arrived this week! That means the real book is almost here… a perfect late-summer treat. 

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