Sunday Best – February 23, 2020

One reason winter can seem so long is that its shorter days appear to contain less time for play. When we’re outside in the summer, we naturally have more chances to skip stones on a pond, to ride a bike without tracking the rpm’s, to stroll along marveling at the sunset.

Last week I had some time with my two favorite small people, and it was a great reminder that we can play anywhere, anytime. Walking down a sidewalk? We can test how long we can gallop like a horse. Bored with just a scrap of paper around? We can see how many words can be spelled with just 6 letters. Loafing on the sofa? We can tell stories from our own family lore, embellishing as we go.

This goofy together-time reminded me that time spent not-working is not the same as play. In fact, my own calendar is very poorly categorized: a new puzzle to analyze at the office is way more fun for me than time on a soulless treadmill at the gym. The neat Econ 101 divisions of “work” and “leisure” don’t match up.

Dear ones, this coming week, as we settle in for Monday’s meetings and Thursday’s spreadsheets, let’s be sure our work includes some play. And as we clock miles on the treadmill and hours driving to the ski slopes, let’s be sure our leisure includes some real fun.

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