Sunday Best – December 15, 2019

In the darkest of the dark season in Boston, one glow-y delight is to walk down Commonwealth Avenue, where the trees are all wrapped in light. Surrounded by the tunnel of their branches, the blackness seems comforting instead of foreboding, and the city seems welcoming instead of hostile.

When the tradition began, the lights just did their thing, awesome but isolated. However, an interesting effect has emerged in the past couple of years: one by one, the buildings that line the outer edge of the avenue have added their own lights, in a similar style. And if you turn down some side streets, the same thing has happened. It’s not everywhere, but it’s a lot – and it’s more than ever would have happened without the shining example of that middle stretch along the mall. There’s a contagion of light!

Dear ones, we are all trying so hard. Sometimes it’s possible to blaze forth with our own light, and sometimes all we’ve got is a pale flicker. Sometimes we are alone on on an endless walk, in the dark and the cold. So those times when we are able, if we muster up even a little spark, it’s not only for ourselves, it’s for all who are walking along with us.

This is a dark season for many.

Every season is a dark season for many.

So if you can, add your light. Just one lumen, just one candle… it all adds up.

It’s contagious.


  * photo via the Boston Globe, because mine were all fuzzy.

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