Sunday Best – May 12, 2019

The universe has already written the poem you are trying to write.

       – Sarah Kay


Poet Sarah Kay, she of the brilliant If I Should Have a Daughter, recently opened the TED conference by reminding us of how much time we spend trying to invent wonder, while looking right past the wonders that are already all around us. For example, she noted the magic of starlings murmuring, and the enormity of the heart of a blue whale.

Last night I hosted a sleepover with my little niece and nephew and we were watching Blue Planet and amongst the crazy fish that uses tools to open clams and the squid that looks like a rock was the tremendous blue whale. The kids already knew all about it and we traded stories about the wonders of the world as we all fell asleep and there I was, thinking about Sarah Kay’s poem while inside of my own.

Dear friends, wherever this day finds you, may your poem be wonder-full.


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