Sunday Best – January 6, 2019



It’s the season of resolutions, when the supermarket is sold out of cauliflower and the treadmill section of the gym is overcrowded.

The challenge is, most of us don’t really love cauliflower all that much, and even with the greatest podcasts in the world it’s hard for treadmill time to feel anything but hamster-like. Without a greater vision, it’s no wonder that within a few weeks most resolutions are anything but resolved.

For many years, one item on my new year’s list has been to get over my fear of the water, and I’ve had some small and intermittent pockets of progress over time. But the truth is, I don’t love swimming pools, or bathing suits, or the idea of spending time on something that causes me anxiety.

What I DO love is catching a little glimpse of the amazing creatures that live in the sea, and being connected to a different part of our beautiful planet, and feeling strong and unafraid, and adventuring with my loved ones.

My sensible, rational resolution did not pull me back into the water this holiday. My loves did. And with those greater loves as inspiration, it’s possible to follow through over the longer term, too.

It is sensible to want to be able to swim. It is magical to visit with a sea urchin, or a manta ray, or a parrotfish.

Dear friends, where is our love?

Let’s follow it beyond the cauliflower and the treadmills, to the place where sensible meets magical.


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