Sunday Best – November 18, 2017


Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but there’s something to be said for proximity, too.

Proximity is not the same as cocooning, when we just stay close to the people and places we already love. It’s getting closer to the uncomfortable things (and people) that we’d just as soon avoid.

Beekeeping might provide some good lessons here. To approach a hive, especially one that’s out of sorts, requires steadiness and patience and love and determination. And maybe a protective hat. But once you’re close, woah, you can learn so much more.

Next time we feel that “ooof, get me out of here” feeling, might we stay a little longer? Might we ask a sincere, open question? Might we observe, or listen, instead of galloping ahead to conclusions and dismissal?

If we practice, eventually we might even leave the giant protective suit at home.


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