Sunday Best – September 30, 2018

What is your superpower?

One of my favorite little books is All My Friends are Superheroes, a quirky story where, indeed, everyone has a curious ability. Invisibility, hypnotism, bat-like hearing… all are not only possible, but present.

There’s so much to be done in our world, from folding laundry to analyzing data to fighting for justice. It can seem overwhelming, especially when a little extra noise and trauma are thrown in. So ask yourself this:

What is my superpower?

Whatever comes to you first, it is probably not an answer, but a clue. If it’s having endless cups of tea with friends, maybe your superpower is human connection. If it’s building giant spreadsheets, maybe your superpower is linking numbers to truth. If it’s flying through the air to stop cruelty, well, okay, maybe that’s it.

Once we know our superpowers, everything else becomes clear. We can decide how best to use our time and energy. We can decide what does not need our attention. We can serve causes greater than ourselves without feeling like we’re drowning.

Dear Honeybees, I hope your superpowers are not tricks like invisibility or hypnotism. In fact I know for sure that some of you have boundless courage, or intense loyalty, or deep and abiding faith. Some of you have all three.

Whatever your superpower is, cherish it. And share it. Use it.

It will not wear out; it will strengthen.

And it’s needed.

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