Sunday Best – September 9, 2018


“You do what you have to do to be faithful.”


Earlier this week I had the joy of hearing Sister Pat Daly speak to a gathering of investors. In describing the motivation behind her decades of work as an engaged investor, she simply said, “you do what you have to do to be faithful.”

Oh, how this deceptively straightforward summary is sticking with me! For many of us, the first question is, faithful to what? The answer might be God, or a set of values or principles, or our own truest selves… or all of the above, or something else altogether.

Regardless of how we frame the answer, the directive is clear.

Dear honeybees, are we doing what we have to do be faithful? Could we turn just a little bit more in that direction?

Let’s aim to stay the course, straight and true amidst the blustering winds of circumstance.

 * For those who are not familiar with Sister Pat’s work, you can read a bit more here.

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