Sunday Best – June 24, 2108

Yesterday I moved about 5000 bees about 200 miles in the back of my car – a million bee-miles!

Though I’ve been keeping bees for a few years, I’ve never cared for them on my own before, and I have to say my heart was going pitter-pat on the Mass Pike. Partly I was worried about being a headline in the Darwin Contest if I hit a big bump in the road (“woman stung 5000 times in her own car”), but as the miles ticked away I realized it was also because of a great sense of responsibility.

Luckily, these bees have one of the best bee-homes in the world. Lots of flowers, no pesticides, and a neighbor bear to keep them on their toes. As I moved each frame into the hive I welcomed them to their new home, and my nervousness was replaced by a great sense of calm and joy.

Dear Honeybees, where is your homecoming today?

Whether it’s to a house or to another person or to a community or to your own body and soul,

Welcome Home.

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