Sunday Best – January 28, 2018

Hold On, I’m Comin’

Earlier this month, when it was so cold we were counting our degrees on one hand, I tromped through the snowdrifts to bring some witch hazel twigs indoors. For a few weeks now, I’ve had a jar of bare branches sitting on my windowsill.  Nothing brightens up a new apartment like a bundle of sticks!

Every morning, I’ve been sipping my tea and checking on the witch hazel, cheering it on – but day after day, nothing. It was clear the branches were never going to bloom; I’d cut them too soon. So finally, yesterday, I gave up and bundled the twigs together for the trash can.

And there it was.

One teeny tiny scrawny bloom, just starting to uncurl. And today — more!

Dear Honeybees, don’t give up on springtime, whether in a jar or in your heart.

Hold on.

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