Sunday Best – July 9, 2017

The root of the matter.

Loyal Honeybee readers will know that I’ve been sharing my fascination with mycorrhizal networks for some time now. These wonders star in Peter Wohlleben’s terrific Hidden Life of Trees as well as in numerous publications we noted here about a year ago.

Lately, I’ve been trying to move past the brainy part of this fascination, into the less comfortable and more courageous heart of the matter. Would I be so fascinated with fungi if they were not so foreign to me, so forgotten?

If indeed a reconnection with the wisdom of nature is appealing, what if it were more than a read-in-a-book reconnection, one where I know what’s blooming and where the bears have been and when the sun will rise not because I’ve taken notes, but because I am so close to it all that I can’t not know it? How would that kind of knowing influence the rest of my life?

People and organizations that work on these deeper levels of reconnection make me terrifically uncomfortable, in the best and most provocative way, and that’s precisely why I’m trying to spend more time with them.*

Dear Honeybees, if something has piqued your interest, I hope that you dive way down into the roots, through the mind and into the spirit, to find all that there is to learn. Chances are, there are more wonders to be found in that tangled underground rooted space than we could ever imagine.


 * One of these groups, TreeSisters, will be visiting in Boston this week – if you’d like to join me for a reception with them on July 13, please say the word. I would love to see you there!



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