Friday Feature – April 21, 2017

Hello Honeybees, and happy Friday!
By the end of the work week sometimes your brain’s a little tired, right? Ready for a different sort of engagement. Ready to add a little art to the science of your week. Ready for wonder.

Well, look no further.  These wonder-ful images were created by Dr. Greg Dunn and Dr. Brian Edwards, in a project called Self-Reflected. Dunn is a neuroscientist, Edwards is an applied physicist, and both are artists.

Even more mesmerizing than the still images is the video animation, which shows an amazing noggin’ in action. You can read more about the painstaking and multi-disciplinary process of creating these views on their site, or you can just marvel at the beautiful results.

And for the cherry on top, the original series is shown at the Franklin Institute in Philadelphia, site of one of my all-time favorite field trips.  If you have not walked through a giant heart, complete with dark twists and turns and thunderous Poe-like beating, you have not yet lived.

   *  With thanks to UpWorthy, where my terrific sister first spotted this story.

   * Please note that this is the final week to support our work at Honeybee!  For full explanation of our exciting transition, plus our latest “State of the Field” report, please read more here.



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