Finance Friday – August 26, 2016



That’s how much food is wasted in America – 20 pounds per person per month.  At the consumer level, we discard about 25% of food purchases uneaten – this is the biggest single “leak” from the system.  All this waste, and yet one in six people in the US does not have reliable, nutritious food supply.  Clearly there is some upside potential here.

Fortunately, unlike energy efficiency, food efficiency is not confined by the laws of thermodynamics (though of course it is confined by the laws of perishability).  And thankfully, many people and organizations have already set out to tackle the issue, from Walmart to the EPA to the former President of Trader Joe’s.

Plus, there are lots of resources for taking action at a household level.  To learn more, check out the terrific infographics by Sustainable America and the detailed NRDC white paper.

We’ll say it again: efficiency is not seen as glamorous.  But think about it – solving hunger and water shortages while reducing waste and maybe even eating better?  Ooh-la-la.

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