New Year, New Library

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Hello Honeybees,

Welcome to our library!

Much as we love digital browsing, it can never quite replicate the serendipity that occurs when wandering through actual stacks of books in a quiet corner of a real library. It’s amazing how often what’s shelved just above or below the thing you thought you were seeking becomes the real treasure. Not a bad metaphor for life itself.

How, then, to make our digital Honeybee library more serendipitous? Conventional publishing categories just don’t fit the quirky weaving-together process that we embrace, and electronic item-tagging can only go so far.

We are pleased to introduce our solution: four major quadrants of wisdom, organized into thematic pods of content. The idea here is to come closer to replicating that stack-wandering process, or even better, a conversation with a well-read kindred spirit, the kind of friend who says, “if you’re interested in x, you must read y” – regardless of whether x and y happen to fall into the same formal category of knowledge.

Our four quadrants reflect the major themes of our research work: Investing, Nature, Spirit, and Nourishment.

Interestingly, these areas roughly map to the four quadrants of wisdom referenced by many spiritual traditions – mind/body/spirit/emotion, water/earth/fire/air, etc. We will explore these connections further in time to come. And of course, you can also still find Honeybee research archives in the library as well.

Throughout the next few months, our blog will highlight new pods of content within the various quadrants. Each pod will contain a mix of resources that have informed and inspired us, and we hope they will do the same for you.

Here’s to a wonderful new year, full happy learning and exploring – and often both at once.


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