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Sunday Best – November 7, 2021

  The difficulty lies, not in the new ideas, but in escaping from the old ones, which ramify into every corner of our minds.    – John Maynard Keynes   This week I’ve had the chance to reunite with two of my most beloved communities, one linked to Wellesley College and the other to the […]

Sunday Best – November 5, 2017

Rise up rooted. I’ve written before about this powerful phrase from Rilke, and had the chance to share it with some dear friends from Wellesley this week. If we surrendered to earth’s intelligence, We could rise up rooted, like trees. We often think of rising and recovery as gravity-defying: bouncing back, or leaping forward. What […]

Finance Friday – August 5, 2016

The Man Behind the Index Many of you have seen the Case-Shiller home price index cited in the media, and some of you might know a bit about Robert Shiller, who won the Nobel Prize a few years ago. The other half of the index duo, Chip Case, passed away last week.  It’s one of […]

Sunday Best – July 31, 2016

Who are the Apsaras in your life? If you are lucky, over time you begin to have friends who have been with you most of your life, friends who can remind you of your own essence. My college sisters from Wellesley are such friends, steadfast and honest and caring and true. Among these sisters is the amazing […]

SNEAK PREVIEW – Partner vs. Predator, or One More Reason to Love Wellesley College

This image will be featured in the finale of our fall series, but in the meantime we were inspired to share this preview.   Look to the left; look to the right. When I hear these words, I automatically complete the saying. “Look to the left; look to the right. Only one of you is going […]

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