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Sunday Best – January 16, 2022

  Friends… they cherish one another’s hopes. They are kind to one another’s dreams.     – Henry David Thoreau   Years ago, a new acquaintance was describing a small, thoughtless slight from some other friends. Rather than insisting it was no big deal, or going on and on about it in an outrage, she summarized […]

Sunday Best – March 24, 2019

Youth gets together his materials to build a bridge to the moon… and at length the middle-aged man concludes to build a woodshed with them.  – Henry David Thoreau   I’ve always had a fraught relationship with Thoreau, who seemed to require harsh critique and dismissal in his writing before finding glimmers of hope and […]

Sunday Best – August 7, 2016

All good things are wild and free.      – Henry David Thoreau, “Walking” Photo from Sabi Sands reserve, South Africa, 2016.  

Sunday Best – June 12, 2016

Our inspiration today comes from New England neighbor, Henry David Thoreau.  Though Thoreau and I had a fraught relationship during Mr. Leininger’s 11th grade English class, we’re now great friends. We have become the tools of our tools.   It’s a big season for tools, from hedge clippers to algorithms.  For a moment today, let’s […]

Sunday Best – March 27, 2016

“The keeping of bees is like the direction of sunbeams.”    – Henry David Thoreau   The bees are back! I witnessed this beautiful sight recently in the Berkshires, when only the witch hazel was abloom.

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