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Sunday Best – April 12, 2020

Like many, I have picked up a new hobby lately, amateur virology. I’ve plotted exponential curves of terrible statistics, pored over journal articles, re-learned basic biological lessons, and been part of call after call with scientific experts. Science is a comfort and a joy. It gives a structure for learning, helps us to quickly adapt […]

Sunday Best – July 24, 2016

Three.  This is the number of Legos that are on board the Juno spacecraft. Don’t you just love the poetry and romance and scandal that is tangled up in scientific discovery?  Stop rolling your eyes – I’m serious! The Juno spacecraft, which reached its intended orbit earlier this month, is named after Jupiter’s wife, who […]

Sunday Best – April 10, 2016

  Despite our fears of falling, the gifts of the world stand by to catch us.    – Robin Kimmerer   I’ve been starting each morning lately with a few pages from the poetic book, Braiding Sweetgrass, by Robin Kimmerer.  Robin is a professor of environmental biology and enrolled member of the Citizen Potawatomi Nation, and […]

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