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Want to Improve Risk Management? Look to Nature.

Hello Honeybees! This week’s mini-video (the final one in our current series) discusses the application of biomimicry principles to investing, and how natural systems can illuminate risks and opportunities that will never show up in our fancy spreadsheets (helpful as those spreadsheets may be).

What Is Your “OM”?

The most thought-provoking talk I’ve seen all year – and it wasn’t at TED! As many readers know, I am a big TED groupie, lover of the TED conferences and of all the little TEDx offspring.  But the best talk I’ve heard this year was not at a TED conference – it was at the […]

The Mind-Body-Spirit of Investing

Hello Honeybees! In this week’s mini video post we discuss the mind-body-spirit triangle as it relates to investing (which is too often assumed to be a mind-only endeavor).

Embrace the Mess! The power of integrated investing.

Hello Honeybees, here is our latest mini-video post, a one-minute discussion of the messy interconnectedness of our decisions, with all of their intended and unintended consequences. We need to find a way to move forward thoughtfully and courageously in all of our decision-making – neither ignoring the potential ripple effects, nor being paralyzed by their […]

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