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Sunday Best – January 14, 2024

  I had a hope-full talk with a dear friend this weekend, and as we parted I noted that I was encouraged by all that could be. She grabbed my shoulders, looked me right in the eye, and added, “and by what already is.” Dear friends, may we seed the future with our dearest dreams. And […]

Sunday Best – May 1, 2022

People mistake their limitations for high standards.     – Jean Toomer   I spent a lot of time this week in the weeds of regulations and standard-setting for environmental issues, vital endeavors to be sure.  But. These are just tools, and like all tools, they can be used to create great new things, or […]

Finance Friday – December 30, 2016

Dear Honeybees, On the edge of a new year, I wish you peace, I wish you prosperity, I wish you joy… and I wish you a little pocket of quiet, so you can hear the world breathing. With love, kc (Never fear, we’ll be back to Finance-forward content next week!)

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