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Sunday Best – May 31, 2020

  I listened to a profound conversation between Janine Benyus and Azita Ardakani earlier this month, full of depth and connection and the wisdom of nature. One exchange in particular stood out: nature turns towards the weakness, turns towards the pain. When our skin is cut, dozens of intricate processes rush into action. Platelets form […]

Sunday Best – May 3, 2020

  I’ve been playing a lot of word games lately, and weirdly related pairs keep popping into my head. Sometimes it’s sing-songy fun, like foxes and fixes, or bird and bard. Sometimes there is a little more oomph. Taking and tending. Minding and mending. Dear ones, in this curious time, our hearts and minds are trying […]

Sunday Best – April 5, 2020

One of my favorite words from divinity school is “liminality” – it’s a description of the betwixt-and-between, the neither-here-nor-there. The gap between life and death is liminal space. The pause before the chorus Good Vibrations is a liminal space. There are just three rules for liminal space, as far as I can tell. First, we’re […]

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