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Finance Friday – April 22, 2016

15. Acumen is 15 years old this month! When this organization started, there was a lot of explaining to do. Was it a nonprofit? An investment operation? A leadership incubator? An educational group?  A humanitarian organization? Turns out, the answer is, yes. In those 15 years, Acumen has invested $101 million in 92 companies, creating […]

Finance Friday – March 18, 2016

  1495 …is the current number of signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing. The total includes 305 institutional asset owners, 987 investment managers, and 205 professional service partners. $59T (that’s trillion with a “T”) …is the total assets under management that these signatories represent.   This is over half of global institutional assets. […]

Library Stack #5 – What’s in a Name? ESG, SRI, and more

Hello Honeybees, and welcome to our library! We’ve recently reorganized our online library in a way that allows for both more logical navigation and more serendipity. In short, we’ve established four major quadrants of wisdom (Investing, Nature, Spirit, and Nourishment) and we are arranging thematic pods of content within these big categories. This week we’re […]

The Four Myths Of Impact – Wisdom from the Women Moving Millions Summit

“What can you uniquely do?” – Gloria Steinem Last week I was fortunate to attend the fantastic Women Moving Millions Summit, where Gloria Steinem posed this question to attendees:  “What can you uniquely do?”  This is a vital consideration for all impact investors – which is to say, all of us, since we all invest […]

SoCap Recap

The SoCap conference is arguably the highest-energy gathering of the year for anyone interested in social entrepreneurship, impact investing, engaged philanthropy… any elements of the “good economy”.  I’ve attended for about five years and must admit that at first, I found the very idea of SoCap daunting:  the audience was so broad, the agenda was […]

Embrace the Mess! The power of integrated investing.

Hello Honeybees, here is our latest mini-video post, a one-minute discussion of the messy interconnectedness of our decisions, with all of their intended and unintended consequences. We need to find a way to move forward thoughtfully and courageously in all of our decision-making – neither ignoring the potential ripple effects, nor being paralyzed by their […]

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