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Sunday Best – October 9, 2022

At a recent dinner with friends, we were discussing the importance of place, and realized that all but one person at the table had left their homeland. Several families had left war and violence, several had left collapsing economies, and several had ventured for happy reasons like school or love. Whether a few miles or […]

Sunday Best – July 21, 2019

On moon landings and favorite PLANETS.   This week we celebrated the moon landing of 1969, which somehow seems more and more miraculous as time passes. One of the greatest gifts of the space program is the gift of wonder, and the viral spread of wonder from one area to another. Years ago I had […]


“Live in the layers – not on the litter.” I was fortunate to attend the Slow Money National Gathering in Boulder earlier this month, and though far from my own home, I was struck by the over-arching and overwhelming theme (and sense) of homecoming.

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