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Sunday Best – July 28, 2019

When slow is fast. This week I was part of a panel at the CFA Institute’s annual summer symposium, held at the University of Chicago. It was an honor to be part of the program, of course, but as it landed in the middle of earnings season and a range of other commitments, I was […]

Finance Friday – January 13, 2017

On Transparency This is my new carry-on bag from Everlane.  I could tell you its size, or the price, but what’s way more interesting to me is that I could also tell you where it was produced, and how much the materials cost, plus labor, plus shipping. On a very rare occasion I might find […]

Finance Friday – January 6, 2017

What in the world is IORP? If you live in the US, or are not focused on institutional investing with integrated ESG analysis, IORP might as well be the name of one of Jupiter’s moons. However, this directive is one of those bureaucratic levers that is a Very Big Deal.  The overhauled IORP legislation has potential […]

Finance Friday – November 18, 2016

  116,000. That’s about how many CFA level 1 exams will be taken in 2017.  For the first time, the curriculum includes introductory material in corporate governance and ESG analysis.* Snooze-city! you are saying. I barely followed the CFA curriculum when I was a candidate; why should I care now? Sometimes the most innocuous changes have the […]

Finance Friday – October 14, 2016

25%. That’s the proportion of sustainable investment funds that beat the market over the last year. This might not sound so great, until you consider that just 12% of all actively managed funds can say the same. * This is the first wave of such analysis, highlighted by Barron’s and based on the new Morningstar […]

Finance Friday – October 7, 2016

76%.  20%.   No matter how small, when we add speed bumps to a process, they tend to work.  This is especially true when we craft opt-in versus opt-out action plans. In the case above, for young workers presented with an opt-in retirement savings plan, just 20% signed up to participate.  When participation was set as […]

Finance Friday – March 18, 2016

  1495 …is the current number of signatories to the UN Principles for Responsible Investing. The total includes 305 institutional asset owners, 987 investment managers, and 205 professional service partners. $59T (that’s trillion with a “T”) …is the total assets under management that these signatories represent.   This is over half of global institutional assets. […]

Library Stack #5 – What’s in a Name? ESG, SRI, and more

Hello Honeybees, and welcome to our library! We’ve recently reorganized our online library in a way that allows for both more logical navigation and more serendipity. In short, we’ve established four major quadrants of wisdom (Investing, Nature, Spirit, and Nourishment) and we are arranging thematic pods of content within these big categories. This week we’re […]

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