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Finance Friday – October 14, 2016

25%. That’s the proportion of sustainable investment funds that beat the market over the last year. This might not sound so great, until you consider that just 12% of all actively managed funds can say the same. * This is the first wave of such analysis, highlighted by Barron’s and based on the new Morningstar […]

Giving that Gives Back

Hello Honeybees! Today my second post for Daily Worth was published, focused on “Giving that Gives Back”.  Like many of you, I’ve been trying to find ways to celebrate generously without just giving “more stuff” at the holidays – and this article highlights some ways to do just that.  (For those who are new to […]

Vote for the World You Want to See

Hello Honeybees! I’m thrilled to report my first post for Daily Worth, a terrific site focused on financial and career advice for women – think “Glamour meets Barron’s”.   This post focuses on the many ways that our investments intertwine with the world, and the many forms that investing can take.  We can invest – […]

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