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Finance Friday – March 17, 2017

$5.3 billion.  300k jobs. Believe it or not, these are some of the least remarkable elements of Kickstarter’s 2016 Benefit Statement, which contains results from their first year as a Public Benefit Corporation.* As part of the report, researchers at University of Pennsylvania quantified the economic impact of Kickstarter’s business, including the numbers above. What’s even […]

Microbes And Measurement: Valuation, Part One

“We have to undertake a different kind of accounting, more exacting if less exact… We participate in our little human economy to a considerable extent by factual knowledge, calculation, and manipulation; our participation in the Great Economy also requires those things, but requires as well humility, sympathy, forbearance, generosity, and imagination.” —Wendell Berry Counting Versus […]

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