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Sunday Best – October 17, 2021

  Years ago, a dear friend passed away, completely unexpectedly. The pain was sharp and intense, acute.  Weeks and weeks later, on my regular morning commute, a perfectly fine day, someone gently bumped into me on the train and I burst into tears. Time layers into us. The acute slowly fades, but it does not […]

Sunday Best – October 10, 2021

Yesterday I reunited with a dear longtime friend. There were delicious sandwiches and  long winding stories and a tiny butternut squash growing in the garden. We spoke of adventures and investment ideas and our loved ones, some near and some far, and when we were through a giant flock of birds flew overhead. Some would […]

Sunday Best – October 3, 2021

Years ago I viewed a small exhibit of empty wooden picture frames at the O’Keeffe museum in Santa Fe, which complemented the exhibit of O’Keeffe paintings with views framed by desert bones. In both cases, the key conclusion was simple and profound: framing matters. I was reminded of those visuals when visiting the amazing Hogpen […]

Sunday Best – September 26, 2021

  Once in a while when I’m reading, I find a sentence that demands a pause to let it ring, like the reverberations from a wineglass or a meditation bowl. I’ve just started Sand Talk by Tyson Yunkaporta (thank you for the gift, J!), and these notes are prevalent, so much so that I’m portioning […]

Sunday Best – September 19, 2021

  Whether it was a passing deer, the bunny family that lives under the day lilies, or the big brown thing from under the porch, the culprit that ate my dahlias was thorough: every stem was cut down to the ground. I cussed a little and sighed, filled in some herbs to cover up the […]

Sunday Best (with book list!) – September 12, 2021

  ALMOST EVERYTHING WILL WORK AGAINIF YOU UNPLUG IT FOR A FEW MINUTES —INCLUDING YOU.            – ANNE LAMOTT   Dear friends, this weekend I am unplugged for the first time in a very long while, and have just awoken to the sound of friends laughing together, surely the best alarm […]

Sunday Best (with book list!) – September 5, 2021

  “The problem of relying on lists is that lists never add up to processes.”                         – Chris Kempes and David Krakauer   This time of year, lists seem to be everywhere. I love how the pile of syllabi, conference schedules, plans for fall chores, […]

Sunday Best – August 29, 2021

Last week a big storm was expected in the Northeast, predicted days beforehand. The morning it was supposed to hit, I received a package in the mail from my parents. My mom had sent pumpkin bread and my dad had sent some flashlights – batteries included, of course. What a total blessing, love like this. […]

Sunday Best – August 22, 2021

This weekend marks National Honeybee Day! As the hurricane sweeps toward New England, I’m celebrating by reflecting on a few lessons from the bees. The importance of awareness. It’s easy to notice the flowers that are at human eye-level, but it’s only by tracing the pollen in early springtime that I began to notice the […]

Sunday Best – August 15, 2021

This week I spent many hours immersed in the text of the gigantic new IPCC report on our climate, composed by hundreds of the world’s most expert scientists, who volunteer to assemble this analysis for our benefit. It is hard to take in the scope and the seriousness and the sadness of the report. At the […]

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